100kW Solar System

Ozeal Energy brings the affordable 10kW solar system of large corporates and industries in Sydney. The system is aimed at giving the advantage of renewable energy to medium and large commercial units. The system not only gives cheaper energy but also helps in availing many benefits. At Ozeal Energy, hundreds of businesses in Sydney are enjoying reliable solar panels for uninterrupted power generation.

We own rich experience in developing solar power installations for large scale yield. Our extensive experience enables us to provide solutions with high standards of quality. Commercial sector gets a system with higher efficiency and strong warranties. The product survives easily for a long time in tough operational conditions.

Solar Panels 100kW

Businesses are often looking to reduce their cost to grow their units. The scenario of a high rise in the prices of traditional energy in Australia is well known. Since last few years, the prices of energy are troubling the businesses. At the same time, the modern renewable source has come up as an excellent solution. The 100kW solar system is the best way to reduce the cost of high energy bills for growing businesses.

Businesses in Sydney heavily rely on perennial use of energy. Ozeal Energy is providing high-quality solar panel installation in Sydney for many years. If you need a competitive solar system, get in touch with us. This size is particularly developed to meet the demands of medium and large commercial units. At Ozeal Energysolar.com.au, the customers get a great combination of perfect installation and premium quality. Whether you are a large warehouse or a big institution or a company, call Ozeal Energy to learn more about opportunities of saving your costs with solar panels.

Key Features of 100kW Solar System

Our packages for commercial sectors have many varieties. We offer 30 kW, 50kW as well as 100kW solar panel installations as per the need of the unit. 100kW installation in Australia allows the business to get a Small Scale Technology Certificate. The key features of our 100kW solution are given for quick reference.

1. Area Requirement – if you have 600 to 700 sq. the metre of rooftop space, you can fulfil your need for energy with 100kw without any trouble.
2. Solar Panel Requirement - The system uses a number of solar panels in the range of 300 to 400. However, the individual modules come in a variety of capacities.
3. Inverter – The commercial sector needing 100kW will need 3 or 4 inverters for the system to work.

Ozeal Energy is known for using high-quality inverters, batteries, and modules in Sydney. With our efficient workmanship and CEC approved products, businesses start achieving their ROI as targeted. Apart from best-warrantied products, Ozeal Energy offers a wide range of services. Our support and maintenance help businesses in availing highly efficient systems.

With a strong manufacturer warranty around 10-12 years on inverters and panels, the customers have complete peace of mind. Call us for consultation and expert installation of solar panels to give seamless and cost-effective power generation. Post-installation, we make sure that the system is delivering expected performance and the customers satisfied with the output.