10KW Solar System

10kW is one of the largest solar systems available for residential use. The system is a great choice for bigger households. Even home cum offices can also use this system to fulfil their energy needs. Ozeal Energy is offering the affordable 10kW solar system in Sydney. Call us to install high-quality solar panels in your home. We offer a turnkey solution from consultation to installation and maintenance.

Ozeal Energy services provides a wide array of solar solutions for commercial and residential use. Our 10kW system is an efficient panel plus inverter suitable for large homes as well as small offices. If you are running small commercial activities from your home, 10kW is the right option. We also stock a variety of systems for on-demand installations.

10kW Solar Panels for Large Households

The power generation is determined by the angle of the solar panel and your geographic location. Sydney being a suitable location, you can generate more power for your uninterrupted use. Ozeal Energy is a skilled solar panel system provider. Our experts position the panels for the optimum results. Apart from premium quality panels and inverters, we ensure that our customers get the best possible return.

Many factors need to be considered while choosing the right system. Our consultants at Ozeal Energy will explain all the aspects of power generation of 10KW. We estimate your needs and calculate how well the needs can be fulfilled. Whether you are a residence or a small business, we provide the most suitable systems. Our tier-1 panels from proven makers ensure great performance for a long time. Being a local leader, we are aware of all the local regulations pertaining to the installation of solar panels.

Perks of Choosing Ozeal Energy

Ozeal Energysolar.com.au is an experienced solar panel supplier in Sydney. We consult, install, and maintain solar power systems of various categories. Our team is equally skilled in the residential and industrial installation of the solar system. From warranty to pricing, and performance; every factor is second to none when you choose Ozeal Energy.

• CEC certified products and components
• Warranties for products and performance
• Easy payment options
• Immediate delivery and installation
• Attractive finance facilities
• The absence of lock-in contracts

Our 10kW solar system comprises around 30 to 40 panels depending upon the roof space. A bigger roof space of around 50 to 65 sq. metres and large households are suitable to install this size. Using this modern day energy is the best way to contribute towards a healthy environment.

With well-planned pre-installation post installation measures, the system has no space for any loopholes. Our experts give proper information about how much amount the customer will save. With our expert installation, you will be saving maximum with minimum investment.

Saving on electricity bills is simple due to our affordable installation. Ozeal Energy is contributing to the use of renewable energy by providing quality solar energy systems in Sydney. With us, the customers get near to accurate estimate of what they will pay and save. The 10kW solar system is an ideal choice for bigger houses and small commercial units. We also provide other systems suitable for smaller households.