30kW Solar System

30 kW solar panel systems are ideal for small and medium enterprises. Ozeal Energy offers efficient installation of 30kW solar systems in Sydney. We have helped many small businesses to install the smallest size of the commercial systems. Our end to end solutions gives businesses a trouble-free system.

The 30kW commercial solar system is an excellent way to avoid increasing the cost of electricity. Ozeal Energysolar.com.au brings affordable installation of solar systems suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. We have supplied solar panels of premium quality for commercial operations in Sydney.

30kW Solar Panels in Sydney

A good quality solar system 30kW gives valuable returns within a few years. Ozeal Energy is a 30kW specialist in Sydney with rich experience. We have been providing quality installation of solar panels to a variety of commercial applications.

We are skilled team solar panel experts with in-depth insight into all the aspects of 30kW. The installers and electricians are CEC approved qualified professionals. The 30kW solar system for commercial use is making the businesses self-reliant. The smallest commercial system is suitable for small scale enterprises.

If you are having a business that does not have significant electricity use, this is the right option. However, we also have 50kW and 10kW options for large industrial users. Our supply and installation work spans across Sydney for any location. We carry out accurate measures of the roof space and give the most suitable systems. Apart from reliable and reasonable power, businesses can achieve optimum conversion.

Our 30kW package is ideal for all the small commercial operations similar to listed below-

• Retail shops
• Storefronts
• Warehouse
• Pubs and clubs
• Coaching classes
• Small shopping centres

Output and Returns

30kW solar panel systems are very attractive and beneficial for small as well as medium businesses. With a handsome payback period of 3 to 5 years, it gives good financial returns. Environmental benefits and government subsidies are other positive factors involved. With 12 to 140 solar panel installation, the package gives power generation in the range of 110 to 180 units a day.

Our expert team installs system considering various factors like the tilt of the panel, orientation, shade cast etc. The power generation depends on a variety of parameters including the season or weather. With our experience of installing many systems, we know how to achieve maximum power conversion. We not only install and maintain but also make sure that our customers get ROI as soon as possible. Our skilled installation also ensures a seamless flow of energy for your business to run uninterrupted.

If you are looking for premium quality performance and products, choose Ozeal Energy. Our products come with the excellent manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Without lock-in contracts, you can avail expert installations of panels on your roof. Our consultations help you understand sustainable power source capable of fulfilling your needs of energy.

Our sophisticated design and efficient execution are famous in Sydney. We strive to finish the installation well in time without any disruption to your routine work. Contact us to get tailor-made solar energy for your small to medium business. The high cost of electricity bills may hinder your productivity and profit. Installing affordable 30kW solar system help you prosper and go greener at the same time.