50kW Solar System

Ozeal Energysolar.com.au is an experienced solar energy solution specialist in Sydney. We have gained valuable expertise in designing and installing 50kW projects. Owing to our knowledge and experience, we provide innovative and efficient products. With us, customers get excellent one-stop cost reducing energy solution. The system is ideal for big offices, institutes, and bigger shopping centres.

Our 50 kW system consists of around 180 to 185 solar panels. If you have roof space of around 300-meter square, you can get rid of huge power bills with solar panels. Big businesses can save thousands of dollars in a year through reasonable investment. Ozeal Energysolar.com.au is a reliable installer of solar systems suitable for small and large businesses.

50kW Solar Panels Installation

Our 50kW solar system package gives you all installation and equipment required for the system. The units can start saving on their electricity bill. At the same time, it gives you the status of the responsible business. We have helped many bigger commercial units in Sydney to produce green and clean energy.

The quality and installation of solar panels play an important role. While we install the system, every product and component used are of premium quality. At Sunwinz Solar, our customers have access to best battery backups, panels, and inverters.

Our 50kW solar energy generating system is suitable for institutions, bigger offices, and big shops. If you are a big or medium-sized enterprise in Sydney, call us for installation and support. The system is also ideal for large warehouses, commercial complex, and small scale utilities. It is an affordable way to meet the energy demands of the commercial unit.

Why Choose Ozeal Energy

Ozeal Energy is a reliable and experienced solar power system provider in Sydney. We hold a reputation of being an efficient installer of affordable solutions. Along with excellent performance, we assure you of the best support and top quality product.

• High power solar panels
• Higher efficiency inverters with an excellent warranty
• Standard quality of mounting
• Workmanship warranty
• CEC approved products and components
• Flexible finance options to save upfront costs

We have designed the 50 kW solar energy system to give a hassle-free and cost-efficient system to the businesses in Sydney. As you approach us, we guarantee honest consultation and transparent estimates. Ozeal Energy also offers timely installation and maintenance services. With us, you have a trusted partner for a renewable source of energy.

Our consultants explain how 50kW solar system will help them reap excellent benefits and competitiveness. At every step of installation and functioning, you have Ozeal Energy to support you. The 50kW is one of the most preferred systems among the commercial units. A very large number of entrepreneurs in Sydney are cutting their cost on costly electricity with this system.

Ozeal Energy is proud to contribute towards the growth of many Australian businesses by providing them with valuable solar panels. Our services and support are helping businesses to increase their competitiveness and profitability. Adopting solar PV is indeed the best way in Australia to escape from expensive energy prices. Apart from being cost-efficient, the enterprises are also contributing towards the growth of renewable source of energy.