5kW Solar System

Ozeal Energy Electrical Services offers affordable 5kW solar systems for residential use in Sydney. The package is specifically designed to enable residential units to avail of affordable solar energy. The 5KW solar energy system is perfect for homes as well as small offices. The system installation takes the reasonable cost to set up an efficient solar power system in your home.

5kW solar power system easily meets the electricity usage of homes in Sydney. This is the minimum size of the system available for homes. At Ozeal Energy, homes in Sydney get an efficient solution that is easy to maintain. A single call to Ozeal Energy will lead to a seamless process involving initial consultation and installation.

5kW Solar Power System Installation

At Ozeal Energy, a team of skilled technicians and electricians get to work for quick installation. Our coordinator helps the customer understand how the system works. Our services cover all the pre-installation and post-installation services.

5kW systems are the most popular size among homes in Australia. The best benefits are great value for money and high yields of energy. Our team familiarizes the customers about the right estimate of electricity yield to expect from the 5KW residential solar system.

The weather in Sydney is perfect for solar energy generation. And we take care of utmost details while installation including roof space, electrical materials etc.

Being a Sydney based company with rich experience; we know all the aspects of power generation. Our expert consultation and installation will determine the energy needs of your home. You will be having the most suitable product in your home without any hassles.

Benefits of Ozeal Energy Residential Solar Panels

Any modern day solar system in Sydney with size 5kW will have some basic requirements. It gives around 7600 kwp per year output to a small family. The system comprises around 15 to 20 panels and around 30 meter square of roof space. The efficient installation of the solar panels gives a perfect plan to work seamlessly for a long time.

• Highly efficient and weatherproof system
• Inverter with warranty
• High-efficiency solar panels
• CEC accredited products
• Excellent performance warranty

Our skilled engineers will estimate the power generation depending on various factors. Moreover, we understand your needs and use premium quality materials in installation. Overall, 5kW is a wonderfully low-priced package with a great warranty. With us, no home in Sydney can go wrong with solar power system installation and generation.

If you are looking for an affordable way to add solar power in your home, call us now. You will be saving huge on your electricity bills with single time investment.

Ozeal Energysolar.com.au offers a large variety of options to suit the specific needs of the customers. Whether you are a small office or a shop or a family, we have the right solution for you.

Ozeal Energy not only installs the system but also ensures that you get best returns out of the system. Our installation is a turnkey solution including premium quality panels, inverter, and mounting frames. The low maintenance and excellent performing system give you a greener way to energy. Our efficient installation gives you a safe and smooth solar power generation in your home.