6.6kW Solar System

A 6.6kW is a popular size among large families in Sydney. Ozeal Energy is offering 6.6 solar power systems with premium quality inverters and panels. The system is best when families want great value at affordable pricing. We are providing perfect installation for the roof fitting 6.6 kW solar energy systems.

Our huge 6.6 kW solar power system is ideal for bigger families. Or even if you have many appliances in your home, this size is ideal for you. The bigger inverter is powered by almost 24 panels and hence provides maximum output throughout. With excellent performance and product warranty, the system is among the most preferable residential solar systems in Australia. Apart from Sydney, the size is popular in other parts like Adelaide and Melbourne.

Key Features of our 6.6kW Solar Systems

Ozeal Energysolar.com.au is catering to the needs of small and big residential units in Sydney. While 5 kW is the smallest available size, it is great for a small household. However, if you are expecting higher usage, this is the right system. The size allows you to have higher output without huge expense. The 6.6 kW system provides fine balancing of capacity and affordability.

Have a glance at some of the key features of our 6.6 kW system –

• Best performance warranty of 25 to 30 years
• CEC certified components
• Premium quality panels and inverter
• Long lasting performance
• Suitable for a home with multiple appliances
• Installation by expert electricians
• Weather resistant product
• Affordable and suitable for bigger homes

Contact us if you are looking for the right solar system for your large family. If your electricity demands are higher, you do not need to worry. We are a leading supplier and installer of 6.6 kW solar panels in Sydney.

Our Expertise

By now, solar energy has taken a big stride in many Australian states. With us, you do not need to get confused about which system is right for your home. Our experts will discuss your solar needs. They will scrutinize the roof space and give you recommendations to install the right size. If your energy needs are high due to a large home and you also have enough roof space, 6.6 kW installations are perfect.

High conversion and long lasting performance, and least maintenance are some of the goals we work with. At Ozeal Energy, we provide quality products with skilled workmanship. All our products and its components are CEC certified and carry warranties. We are quickly installing and training users about the functioning of the system.

Apart from quick and hassle-free installation, we provide easy terms and conditions. There is no lock-in policy and heavy maintenance charges. While the system requires almost zero maintenance, we quickly attend to any issue.

As you choose us, the installation takes place in the most trouble-free manner. We take necessary measures required as pre-installation procedures. All our clients have realised that 6.6 kW is a good investment for larger prospects and output. If you are looking for a 6.6 kW solar system in Sydney, rely on Ozeal Energy. With our easy finance options, you have quick access to a greener way to energy.