Commercial Solar System

Businesses always look for smart ways to cut costs and increase productivity. The commercial solar system is one of such ways. Businesses in Sydney are adopting affordable energy solution in form of solar panels. The instalment is a one-time investment that requires the least maintenance. Against this lies a huge benefit of saving expensive electricity bills.

Ozeal Energy is a commercial solar system specialist in Sydney offering a reliable solution. Our dependable high-quality solar panels are designed to meet various needs. Whether you are a large industrial park or a small commercial start-up, call us to get the right solution. Once a map line is created, we design and install the system in minimum time.

Commercial Solar Panel

Our solar systems are suitable for offices, malls, institutions, and industries. We analyse your energy consumption and design the right solution for you.

• 7 KW system
• 10KW system
• 30KW system
• 50KW system
• 100 KW

We are also able to provide large scale solar system set-up for sprawling industrial premises. Saving on energy bills has helped businesses in Sydney to become profitable. Huge financial benefit has made businesses competitive. Rising energy cost is no more a matter of stress for the industries. Whether you are a factory or a shop or a storage facility; call us for best commercial solar energy systems.

Our Commercial Solar Services

With Ozeal Energy at your service, you do not need to go elsewhere. We provide full range services from consultation to maintenance.

Our services at glance-

• Consultation
• Energy usage assessment
• Forecasting and estimate
• Feasibility analysis
• Approval for grid connection
• Installation and management
• Monitoring and maintenance
• Quick Repair services
• No Lock-in policies

Being one of the leading solar system providers, we are able to meet all your solar energy needs. Perks of having a solar system are already obvious and clear. With an efficient and reliable partner like Ozeal Energy, you reap higher benefits of choosing solar energy.

Industrial Solar PV System

Ozeal Energy is supplying solar panel systems to small and moderately sized companies. Our industrial solar systems in Sydney are available with attractive payback periods. Our popular 30KW energy yield is serving many businesses.

Fully tested and CEC approved products are quickly installed to give you faster services. Premium quality panels and inverters ensure hassle-free performance for a long time.

What makes us the best commercial solar solution-

• Top quality products with warranty
• Warrantied services and support
• Quality assured products
• Performance and workmanship warranties
• Weather resistant solutions
• Optimum conversion efficiency

Slashing off your energy bills add more power to your business. Getting free solar energy and self-reliance is a great way to protect your business. Ozeal Energy uses only premium quality components to set-up an efficient solar system. We go on providing services and support at budget-friendly prices. For every installation, we stand a strong performance guarantee.

The Ozeal Energy team carefully examines your energy profile, location, and roof space. We also listen to your financial goals and design the best solution for an optimum generation. Our team is quick in gaining insight into your consumption habits and recommend the best power solution. With right power yield, you will be able to save more with minimum investment.