Solar energy systems are adding great value to homes in Sydney. More and more homes in the city are ready to set-up solar systems. Ozeal Energy is an established solar service provider with turnkey solutions. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of residential solar systems. The team at Ozeal Energy is providing consultation, installation, and support for efficient solar systems.

Residential solar panels are installed to maximize the gain of energy. As we take responsibility of adding solar energy to your home, we ensure that you get full return on your investment. We strive our best to keep your costs minimum and your benefits maximum.

Why Solar Power for Residences

Solar power is a popular way of going green and cutting the huge cost of electricity bills. Hence, residences across the country are taking advantage of solar power systems. Ozeal Energy is one of Sydney‛s best solar system installer. We specialize in the supply and installation of residential solar systems. We offer systems ranging from 5KW to 10KW, and other customized solution. Our expert installation is done in compliance with prescribed Australian standards.

Our products for residences in Sydney –

• 3 KW
• 5 KW
• 6.6 KW
• 10 KW

Systems with different capacities are designed to suit a small family as a well large home. Residential solar panels offer many benefits to the homes. While it saves electricity bills, it also adds great environmental benefits. The installation of solar panels in homes also attracts governmental rebates. Financial incentives for choosing renewable energy are also inspiring homes to go solar.

Ozeal Energy Residential Solar Panels

Ozeal Energy supplies top quality residential solar panels. We are a single stop solution for all your solar energy needs. Our trusted installation and warrantied products deliver complete value for your investment. Some of the best features of partnering with us are here to know how we are different from others.

• Products approved by CEC
• Solid warranty for products
• Product and installation complying to safety standards
• Friendly customer service and support
• Remarkable punctuality
• An expert team of technicians
• Affordable pricing and maintenance charges
• A customized solution as per requirement of the home
• Provide clear estimates of your investment

Fair and long term investment in setting up solar panels is helping families to get rid of frequent energy bills.

Benefits of Solar Power for Homes

Solar power is fully accessible and greener energy solution for residences. Considering the risks of global warming, the state is offering incentives to such homes. This sustainable method to generate electricity has also made families self-reliant. Families are no more depending on the power companies in Australia. The free and seamless flow of solar energy is giving wonderful financial benefits to Sydney.

Ozeal Energy is helping people to install solar power system without any hassles. Our low-cost services have succeeded in making residential solar system popular in the city. With an aim of delivering optimum at the most competitive prices, Ozeal Energy is working towards making homes energy-efficient.

Solar energy is indeed a clever alternative to the traditional solution. Ozeal Energy is proud to help hundreds of homes in Sydney to set-up solar systems. Call us to know more about solar panel installation for homes.